Dr. Jane McCartney

Consultant Chartered Psychologist

DClinSci, MSc, PGDip, PGPsy, BA, AFBPS

True Crime Expert
TV & Media Psychologist
Speaker & PR Specialist

Hello, I’m Dr. Jane McCartney TV & Media Psychologsist

I’m A Qualified Chartered Psychologist. I Offer Informative Psychological Explanations On Everything From Serial Killers To Everyday Relationships.  I Explain Why People Think & Behave In The Way They Do.  

Dr. Jane McCartney is recognised as a qualified leading TV lifestyle psychologist & expert in human behaviour. Available for TV companies as an on-screen analyst for news, current events and human interest features.  Dr. Jane is available for publications & corporate clients to give interesting & understandable insights & views from a psychological point of view.

Dr. Jane has a dedicated Youtube channel exploring the minds & behaviours of killers, psychopaths & narcissists.  Dr. Jane has a  particular interest in helping people recognise coercive behaviours, gaslighting & narcissism in their relationships. Dr. Jane also produces a popular true crime podcast Why Killers Kill – Analysis Of Murder.

Dr. Jane’s YouTube Channel

Dr. Jane McCartney is a highly qualified & experienced chartered psychologist. Dr. Jane is adept at explaining human nature. Basically describing, in a relatable & engaging way, what motivates people’s thoughts & actions to do what they do. Dr. Jane has built up a wealth of knowledge & clinical experience & has undertaken work for the courts & legal system in the UK.