Dr. Jane McCartney, Chartered Psychologist DocClinSci, MSc, PGDip, BSc, BA (Hons) Associate Fellow BPS

Chartered Psychologist, TV & Media Expert Spokesperson & Acclaimed Podcaster .

Hello, I’m Dr. Jane McCartney,

As a Therapist my aim & passion is to help anyone who has emotional & psychological problems to gain a clearer understanding of the issues, people and events in their lives which have/do affected them. And to help them go forward with their life, work and relationships in the very best possible way. 

In the Media & PR I’m an experienced TV & Radio Broadcaster, PR Expert, Podcaster, Author, Consumer/Shopping Psychologist,  Communications Specialist, Brand Spokesperson & Consultant.  I make regular appearances across all mainstream channels who want a qualified, experienced & relatable Chartered Consultant Psychologist who can communicate interesting & sometimes complex topics in an engaging & exciting way from both a psychological & brand relevant perspective.

# Psychological Expert for TV & Radio Media – Giving engaging professional psychological comments.
PR Consumer Behavioural Expert – Offering behavioural insights to major brands & consumer/shoppers’ behaviour & trends. I’ve undertaken many client Campaigns & Broadcast Days.
# Podcaster – –In 2020 I launched the highly acclaimed Podcast Why Killer Kill – Analysis of Murder.  In each episode I researched and analysed a deliberate murder or murders to offer unique and fascinating psychological insights in the mind of a killer. Dr. Jane’s 10 Minute Positive Mental Health Podcast, a popular podcast which helps people negotiate their busy, complex & sometimes stressful lives.  
# Private Practice – I offer bespoke psychological therapy.
# Author – Stop Overeating: The 28 Day Plan to End Emotional Eating was a Amazon international best seller.
I have 3 fast growing up children, so totally understand the challenges & joys of parenthood. In my spare time I’m a very keen open water swimmer & am training for a channel swim in the future.
Feel free to get in contact here if you have any questions or queries.

Dr. Jane 

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