Why Killers Kill – Analysis Of Murder. A True Crime Podcast

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In 2020 Dr Jane launched the highly acclaimed Podcast Why Killer Kill – Analysis of Murder.  In each episode Dr Jane researched and analysed a deliberate murder or murders to offer unique and fascinating psychological insights in the mind of a killer.

The inner workings of the minds, thoughts and behaviours of murderers are unique and complex.  In each Why Killers Kill podcast Jane will give an absorbing and in-depth psychological analysis of what happened in the murder, who the victims are, how and where the crime took place.  And importantly why it happened in the first place, what were the killer’s thought processes, what their motivation was, their plans, their planning, what did they want to achieve.

As a highly trained and experienced behavioural psychologist who is skilled in the field of criminal behaviour  Dr Jane can offer her listeners a fascinating and unique insight into the workings of a killer’s mind.

Dr Jane has worked as a Chartered Psychologist for over 15 years, 10 years working in the NHS and secure units.  In that time Jane has been involved in the development of research and treatment programmes for both the victims of crime and those responsible for committing crimes.  From sex offenders, fraudsters to those convicted of murder, Jane has worked with a wide section of the criminal mind.