The Stop Overeating Book


Stop Overeating: The 28-Day Plan to End Emotional Eating for Good

Stop Overeating: The 28-Day Plan to End Emotional Eating for Good

Why I wrote Stop Overeating.

People overeat for all sorts of reason and in Stop Overeating everyone can gain a real understanding as to why they do.  We all have situation and encounter which leave us feeling undervalued, ignored or even unloved, but it’s when this turns into a constant negative self-concept, low self-worth and a lack of self-esteem that you have leant to deal with by eating that’s the time to deal with it,  which Stop Overeating will help you do.

I wrote the Stop Overeating book for a few reasons.  Firstly over the years as a psychologist I’ve treated many people for emotionally influenced overeating, so developed a programme which I know is useful and works.  Also I’ve always struggled with overeating myself, I’ve been a classic serial dieter and really know what it’s like to experience the emotional pitfalls of dieting.  The highs and lows of losing weight, not losing weight, putting on weight when you have been working so hard to lose it.  All the things serial dieters know only too well, and often get so fed up with the diet soon gets forgotten.

So it was through a combination of personal and profession experience that I decided to write Stop Overeating.  Also I’ve been contacted by people who could not afford personal therapy or it wasn’t particle for them and it was unfair that they could be missing out on the opportunity to finally do something to change their lives for good.

What’s more I have, if not an all consuming love for cooking, I certainly enjoy it and wanted to include a sensible eating plan in Stop Overeating.  I’d designed the eating plan over time through trial and error with a few guiding principles, such as being able to get all the ingredients at my local shops, meals that the whole family can enjoy and meals which are relatively inexpensive, quick and easy to make, because being stuck in a kitchen for hours is never a good idea when you’re trying to lose weight. Many of my clients have found it really useful to follow the eating plan as it saves them having to think too long and hard about food for them and for their family. And focus on the causes of their overeating and what they have been using food for such as eating for comfort, using food to suppress unwelcome emotions or overeating as some kind of self punishment.

Not everything in Stop Overeating is going to be applicable to everyone, but I wrote it so there’s something for everyone and everyone can benefit from it. The Stop Overeating programme can be done by yourself, so no one needs to know what you are doing, or you can follow it with the support of others, it’s entirely up to you, but the things is you are now doing something about your overeating, fantastic. And if you follow the book and the 28 day eating plan that’s in it too, you will both start to overcome and challenge your emotional eating habits and you will lose weight. I’m not going to pretend it’s going to be easy, but with both the support and emotional exploration Stop Overeating offers you, and the actual eating plan, you’re going to be in the very best position ever to really do something about your overeating and weight problems once and for all.

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