Publishing a Book

My book Stop Overeating is coming out tomorrow, 5th June 2014, and it’s been quite an experience to get to this point.  Coming up with an idea for a book is one thing, but then of course you have to find out if this is an idea that others share, in other words do others want to read it.

So first stop was finding an literary agent, luckily the lovely Matt Roberts, David Cameron’s personal trainer no less, who I’d done a TV programme with was able to give me the details of his agent, I know I had an introduction, but if I hadn’t I’d already researched other good literary agents, and they’re always keen to receive book ideas, it’s their job after all. So once I had a decent synopsis for Stop Overeating, a bit of backward and forwarding with the literary agent.  Stop Overeating was then sent to various publishers, a few meetings then followed with some interested publishers, the result being an offer to go ahead with writing Stop Overeating from Vermilion.

A summer of writing ensued, followed by an autumn of edits and a winter of more edits, with Stop Overeating finally going to print in the early spring.  Very soon the publicity machine, headed by one very determined PR agent, began for Stop Overeating which has been full on, I’m not complaining, and because there’s been such fantastic media coverage there has been enough pre-orders to get Stop Overeating to the top 40 of Amazon’s best sellers even before publication.

I’m not going to lie and try to make out publishing a first book is an easy task, but if you have a good idea and the ability to see it through it is doable, and as that last word has just proved even if your use of English is not the best, that doesn’t have to stand in the way of a good book, because the publisher kindly supply delightful copy editors, who un-mangle the thoughts you’ve put on paper.