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Dr. Jane Expert Chartered Psychologist

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As well as many years experience as a clinician, I’m also a very experienced and seasoned Media and PR Psychologist.  I’m always happy to give an engaging professional psychological and behavioural slant and opinion on a variety of topics, people and subjects.

I appear regularly as an expert psychologist on the television and on many other media platforms. Making frequent appearances on all the major broadcasters both in the UK and Internationally. Take a look here to See My Brief Showreel.  

It’s recently become my great privilege to become the resident Problem Solver – aka Agony Aunt, or Agony Sister as we like to say – for the fabulous internet station Radio Gorgeous.

I’ll be posting links to my Radio Gorgeous monthly advice clinic here.

My first book Stop Overeating: The 28 Day Plan to End Emotional Eating was published in 2014 was an Amazon best seller and is now published internationally – Due to popular demand I have developed an interactive website to follow on from my original book drjanediet.co.uk

I write and contribute to many newspaper, magazine and web articles and can discuss most topics, from front-page news stories to popular culture in an professional, informative and engaging style

For the PR and Corporate world I’m often commissioned as a consumer psychologist and behaviour expert for many national and international companies and organisations, including Clydesdale Bank, Nationwide, Bic and Microsoft.

For any Media Press or PR enquires click here.