About Dr. Jane

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Dr. Jane McCartney

I’m a fully registered Consultant Chartered Psychologist, treating most psychological problems, details here. 

I separately hold Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Psychology from leading UK universities.  I’m an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and certified with the HCPC a Government registered body for professional practicing psychologist in the UK. I’m trained & experienced in a number of psychological therapies.

As well as helping people with lots of different psychological and emotional issues – I began to specialise in psychological obesity and weight management some years ago from both the personal and professional perspective. I know what’s really needed for successful weight loss, because I’ve done it myself.  I’ve been very overweight and tried various diets.  It was only when I began to apply psychological understanding that I properly lost weight for the first time – and have kept it off – five stones in all.  

In 2014 my first book Stop Overeating: The 28 Day Plan to End Emotional Eating For Good was published and soon reached number one on the Amazon best sellers chart – and is now published internationally.

I also regularly write and contributed to, many articles for TV, radio, newspapers, web and magazines. I’ve been a resident psychological expert for many TV shows – including ITV’s This Morning and make regularly appear on the BBC, C’s 4 & 5 and Sky News.



Full Bio Here.