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Hello, I’m Dr. Jane McCartney,

I’m a fully registered Chartered Consultant Psychologist. It’s been my pleasure to successfully help people with various psychological and emotional issues for many years.   

My aim & passion is to help anyone who has emotional & psychological problems to gain a clearer understanding of the issues, people and events in their lives which have/do affected them. And to help them go forward with their life, work and relationships in the very best possible way. 

Dr. Jane’s Positive Mental Health Podcasts are a popular podcast which explores and gives solid practical advice on a variety of mental health issues.  Any case studies used are all randomised and anonymised. You can subscribe to all of my future free podcasts right here

I’ve been helping thousands of people all over the world successfully lose weight. My first book Stop Overeating: The 28 Day Plan to End Emotional Eating was published in 2014 was an Amazon best seller and is now published internationally.

Feel free to get in contact here if you have any questions or queries.

Dr. Jane 

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